locked Re: Undeliverable: LOTW Alert Filter will not dispaly any callsigns

Jim Austin

Thank you for the helpful insight. Seems to be a simple fix.

On Fri, Feb 12, 2021, 12:37 AM HamApps Support (VK3AMA) <vk3ama.ham.apps@...> wrote:
On 12/02/2021 2:22 pm, Jim Austin wrote:

My current set up was working great until yesterday.  Yes I am behind the times as updates go but I do not have the time to do a bunch of changes to the shack.


JT Alert 2.15.10

Win 7

WSJT- 2.1.0 – 24 fcd-1


Last LOTW update -  2/10/2021


Hi guys,


Recently JT alert has stopped displaying any call signs. I typically run with the LOTW member alert display but no call signs are are populated.  I can check the No QSL Filter – pass all Alerts, and the call signs will populate the display, however they may or may not use LOTW.  I am wondering if my LOTW file (updates yesterday) as found in Log4OM is corrupt or have I a wrong filter setting.





JTAlert does not use the Lotw file that WSJT-X or Log4OM use. It uses a high-performance database (compared to the simple text file of the Lotw file) that includes LoTW, eQSL membership data as well as US States and VE provinces for the US & VE Callsigns. This database is automatically included with the JTAlert installer, but goes out of data the longer you keep JTAlert un-upgraded. If you don't want to upgrade JTAlert, the database is available as a separate download which you will need to periodically update, it replaces the database inbuilt into JTAlert.

Assuming that some external factor has not deleted the database file from your PC, the likely cause of Callsigns not being displayed when the Lotw filter is engaged is that you have a date threshold set for LoTW membership.

IMO, Your best to upgrade JTAlert and WSJT-X.


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