locked Virus reported by Bitdefender

James Gill

I had just installed a new version of Bitdefender, my virus software on Win10.

Last night it reported a virus in JTAlert: Gen:Suspicious.Cloud.2.2.BC2DFCC4000. The file was quarantined. I attempted to reinstall from the setup file, but the virus report was repeated. I then downloaded the latest version and attempted to install it on my C drive. (It was previous installed on my G). The virus alert was repeated.

I had seen the virus checks that HamApps does so I submitted a "false positive" report to Bitdefender. They will get back to me in 3 days.

I had been thinking about moving JTAlert and WSJT-X to my C drive because it is an SSD and should be faster. I had been avoiding using it because it was always full. I had worked on moving things off the C drive so it appears now to have room. So, I will need some advice or direction to help files on how to recreate whatever files, databases etc. JTAlert uses.

I will report back when I hear from Bitdefender.


Jim - W4GMU

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