locked WSJT-x v2.3 installed; No Outgoing interfaces or Multicast TTL; but working

Andrew; KF6LU

I've been following topics in this group prior to upgrading to v2.3 of WSJT-x.  Downloaded v2.3 64 bit and installed.  First thing I noticed was that Outgoing interfaces and Multicast TTL lines did not appear on the Reporting screen of WSJT-x.  Attempted to make contacts and expected to receive error messages. Made FT4 and FT8 contacts on 12, 17 and 20. All contacts logged successfully to WSJT-x log, to Log4OM v-2 , my QRZ log and uploaded to LOTW by Log4OM.  All seems to be working fine without having those lines in the Reporting screen.  I see from a previous topic (JTAlert not triggering TX) that others downloaded  v2.3 and did not have the screens and had problems.  I'm at a lost as to why my download didn't have the line but still seems to be operating.  Downloaded from the Princeton site.
here's my WSJt-x screen.   I do have the Multicast on Loopback checked in JTalert.
I'll post on the WSJT-x group if no one has any ideas here.

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