locked Re: JT Alert Not Triggering TX

Jim N6VH

On 2/6/2021 12:10 PM, W7JHR via groups.io wrote:
I am far from being a tech guru, but I was wondering if I have a corrupted file that is causing the problem?  Does that even make sense?  If so, what would happen if I saved the adi. files from WSJT-x and deleted all the other files in WSJT-x and JTAlert and did a fresh install? 



If it were me, I would work on the missing fields in the WJT-X Settings - Reporting window. The fact that you are running 2.3.0 and those aren't showing indicates something is wrong with your installation of WSJT-X. This wouldn't be caused by JTAlert. I suggest doing a complete uninstall of WSJT-X and delete all the files except wsjt_log.adi, all.txt and wsjt.log. To be on the safe side, savethose three files to another location. Then download a fresh copy of the install program and install it. This might be overkill, but it won't hurt anything.

If that doesn't work, mention the fact that you are missing those two fields (windows as you call them) on the WSJT-X forum. Include a screen capture of that particular window in your message.

It is quite possible that this is what is causing the problem with the TX not being triggered.


Jim N6VH

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