locked Re: Transverter support #FT8

Tom Melvin


I have wsjtx -> Setting -> Freq  - Station info 

Band Offset
13cms  -2,174.000 000

On main wsjt screen select 13cms from pull down - Freq Box shows 146.985   (ok it is in red as that is a beacon I am looking at)
Cat control working fine with correct offset being used for correct band etc.

When start JTAlert the freq shown on the ‘info bar - (freq, mode, logger etc) is showing 2m

Will try adding the beacon freq as a ‘valid’ mode just to see if that is what it is.
Just remember there is a agregator to monitor udp is there will run that up tomorrow.

On 6 Feb 2021, at 00:33, g4wjs <bill.8@...> wrote:

Hi Mike, Tom, and Laurie,

yes, which is exactly what it does.

Tom, have you selected the right band in WSJT-X? The band you set the IF offset for is the one you select. For example you might have -116 MHz as the offset for the 2m band in "Settings->Frequencies->Station Information". Then simply select a 2m frequency in WSJT-X and your 10m IF rig will be controlled as expected.


On 05/02/2021 15:02, Michael Black via groups.io wrote:
Seems to me WSJT-X should be reporting the correct frequency since it knows what's going on.

Mike W9MDB

On Friday, February 5, 2021, 08:58:20 AM CST, Tom Melvin <tom@...> wrote:


Not sure if this can be fixed/worked around - will depend I suspect on UDP message content

Testing a 13cm (2320) system - wsjt-x allows me to enter transverter offset so it knows what to set the rig to.

JTAlert reports the freq the rig is set to - is there a way to get JTAlert to report rig + offset?

2320 - offset (of  -2174) gives IF of 146 - JTAlert report 2m - which is correct for the rig but not to operating freq



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