locked Re: More CQ Marathon info

Jim N6VH

On 2/5/2021 2:07 PM, Phil Cooper via groups.io wrote:

Hi Jim,


Just out of curiosity, I did check, and Albania is NOT in the wanted list


Still puzzled, but I will figure it out!

Currently, the only option after working a new Marathon entity (CQ Zone or DXCC) is to do a rebuild, which is not a major issue, but with over 100k QSO’s, it can take a few minutes.


73 de Phil GU0SUP


If Albania is not in the Marathon Wanted list, then you should not be getting a Marathon alert for it. Incidentally, did you also check the Not Wanted list? It should be there if it isn't in the Wanted list. That might seem like an odd question, but I find it is a good idea not to assume anything in cases like this.

Also, did you recheck that all the settings are what they should be. It never hurts to check. If the country is in the Not Wanted list, and not in the Wanted list, and all the settings are checked correctly, then you should not get the alert.


Jim N6VH

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