locked Re: V2.16.17 crashes after logging in HRD

DM1TS Torsten

Hi Laurie,
an additionell information: at the new PC I use a other Username like on the old system. I found an issue in WSJT-X with the path to the %appdata% directory. From the backup it was the wrong username but now I correct this to the new user in the "audio tab" of WSJTX (Save Directory).

But there is no impact of the issue but I feel that the new username could be the cause. But I check the settings serveral times and can't find other wrong parameter in the paths :-(

73 de Torsten

Am 05.02.2021 um 22:11 schrieb Laurie, VK3AMA:

On 6/02/2021 5:20 am, DM1TS Torsten wrote:
I had to do a complete change of my HAM software to a new PC. This worked well thanks to the backup options. Here runs now WSJT-X in V2.3.0, in addition JTALERT in V2.16.17 and HRD in V6.7.0.323.
As soon as I have made a QSO in WSJT-X the log window pops up and I confirm the log entry. HRD reports immediately afterwards that the QSO is also there in the log, I see the entry also immediately. At this moment JTALERT terminates without warning or indication of an error. This happens after every QSO. In the event log of Windows I find the following information:

-- snip --

Is there any idea for this, unfortunately I can't work anymore.

73 de Torsten
It is unlikely to be JTAlert 2.16.17, which is quite stable, released late last year with no similar reports. JTAlert will typically show an error window when there is a critical failure. Since it is quietly closing, I am suspicious that your PC protection software may be interfering, what do you use?
Try downgrading JTAlert to an earlier version, try 2.16.16 or 2.16.15. Both are available on the JTAlert download page @ https://hamapps.com/JTAlert/
Just run the setup, no need to uninstall first. Your configuration is safe and will not be altered or deleted.
de Laurie VK3AMA

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