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Phil Cooper

Hi Jim,


Just out of curiosity, I did check, and Albania is NOT in the wanted list


Still puzzled, but I will figure it out!

Currently, the only option after working a new Marathon entity (CQ Zone or DXCC) is to do a rebuild, which is not a major issue, but with over 100k QSO’s, it can take a few minutes.


73 de Phil GU0SUP


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On 2/5/2021 6:16 AM, Phil Cooper via groups.io wrote:

Hi Steve,


For that call, it was a Marathon alert first and foremost.I have new Marathon entities set to a specific colour, and that is what it showed, and said.


Given that this call was previously worked on another band, it should not have given me a new Marathon alert.


I already have ZA worked, confirmed and verified on 30m, it should not have alerted me for a Wanted Prefix or DXCC, and that was not the alert type. I don't have grids set as an alert, so it won't have been that.


73 de Phil GU0SUP



The Auto Clear is permanent.

You might have already done this, but you might want to make certain that none of the relevant settings have changed. IOW, Auto Clear is still checked, no QSL for Marathon, Any Band, Any Mode. They shouldn't have changed, but it might be worth a check.

Also, go to Settings - CQ Marathon, and see if Albania is listed in the "Not Wanted" or "Wanted" listing.

Even if you have already done thes, it is sometimes a good idea to a double, or even triple check.


Jim N6VH


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