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Steve, N3SL

The checkbox is on "every" alert/award page, so each is individually configurable.  

On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 6:25 AM Phil Cooper via groups.io <pcooper=suremail.gg@groups.io> wrote:

Hi Laurie,


Ah, so you are saying that if this box is checked, and I work (for example) P5XXX on 20m FT8, I will NOT get an alert when he pops up on another band?


I only want to stop alerts for any given country worked in the current year for CQ Marathon, as countries only count once, regardless of band/mode.


For now, i have unchecked that box again, as I don't wish to miss new DXCC slots.


73 de Phil GU0SUP



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On 4/02/2021 3:28 am, Jim N6VH wrote:

Go to Settings - Alerts - Wanted CQ Marathon.

Check "Auto clear triggered Alert entity after logging".

That will be the answer.

That setting causes an Entity to be automatically marked as no-longer needed in the Alert database. This option is available for all the Alert types, useful for those users who don't require a QSL confirmation to have an Entity set as no-longer need (so will not alert), that is they are happy for just working the Entity. Prior to this option being introduced, there was no automatic flagging of worked Entities, thus requiring the "Rebuild Alert Database" operation (previously called the Log Scan) to update the Alert database. For Entities that require just a worked status (like the Marathon) it is a simple set and forget option. Of course if you require a QSL confirmation (like LoTW for DXCC) donot enable that option.

Note: When I use the word "Entity", I am not referring to DXCC Entities, but using it to describe all the Alert type entities (DXCC, State, Zones, Grids, etc).

de Laurie VK3AMA

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