locked Re: JTAlert locks up if too many QSO's in HRD logbook #HRD

Jim - N4ST



Something else is causing your problem.  4,700 QSOs are not a lot for HRD Logbook.




Jim – N4ST



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Subject: [HamApps] JTAlert locks up if too many QSO's in HRD logbook #HRD


I have JTAlert sending to HRD logbook.  Use to work great but started locking up for a few minutes after QSO sent or clicking on anything to transmit.  Kept getting worse.  Trouble shot to JTAlert not able to get existing info from logbook such as B4.  After finally narrowing it down to this I created a new DB in HRD and this worked great.  Unfortunately This has no B4 info.  I currently have 4700 entries in HRD.  Is there a limit or solution?  If I remove about half of these it is fine.  All software is current.

Jim - N4ST

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