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On 30/01/2021 1:00 am, Barry Mcdonald via groups.io wrote:
I have JTAlert sending to HRD logbook.  Use to work great but started locking up for a few minutes after QSO sent or clicking on anything to transmit.  Kept getting worse.  Trouble shot to JTAlert not able to get existing info from logbook such as B4.  After finally narrowing it down to this I created a new DB in HRD and this worked great.  Unfortunately This has no B4 info.  I currently have 4700 entries in HRD.  Is there a limit or solution?  If I remove about half of these it is fine.  All software is current.


Let me guess, you're using an Access type Log in HRD, is that correct?

4700 entries is small and is not the cause of your problems. In the past I have tested with Access logs of over 100,000 entries without issue.

In recent months there have been a not insignificant number of JTAlert/HRD users who have experienced a range of issues, the most common being increasing slowdowns. The solution in all cases was to create a new logbook in HRDLogbook, import your old QSOs into that new Log and then set JTAlert to use that new Log.

You have already created the new log, but have not performed the import of your old QSOs and that is why the B4's are not working. Your old QSO and the number of are not the problem so it is safe to import them into your new Log.

The root cause of the HRD Access log problem is unknown, I suspect something gets broken within the ODBC DSN that all HRD logs use, possibly due to Windows updates. Creating a new Log creates a new DSN after which the problems disappear.

Let us no how you get on.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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