locked Re: QSO dates missing in HRD from JTAlert UDP/2333 #HRD

Ronald Panetta, WB2WGH

Chris is 100% correct. The issue is an HRD defect and will be fixed in the next release. I received the following directly from Mike VK4EIE (WA9PIE):

----Begin Quote----
Ferry is absolutely incorrect here. I'll take it up with him later.
​We DO support UDP broadcasts from ANY software that is capable of producing them... including JTAlert.
​We fully support JTAlert and its use with Ham Radio Deluxe.
. [non-relevant text omitted]
We do have this problem fixed already and it will be part of the next release (which is pending completion on a couple other changes).
. [non-relevant text omitted]
Dr. Michael (Mike) Carper, VK4EIE (WA9PIE)
HRD Software, LLC
Makers of Ham Radio Deluxe
----End Quote----

Sounds like Mike is trying to mend previously broken fences based on some additional insight he shared with me. Given there is light at the end of the tunnel with this logging issue, I have a workaround in place and will test the new HRD version for the fix upon release.

Thanks all and 73,

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