locked JTAlert/LoTW Not Sync'ed

Patrick Hung

I've been struggling to sync JTAlert's Worked-All-States to LoTW records, but can't seem to get it right - I'd welcome any comment on this...

LoTW shows that I no longer need a particular state for WAS, in either band or mode (shown on the Awards Applications page, so I assume that the state has been confirmed). After I download the day's data from LoTW into ACLog, and perform a rebuild of JTAlert, JTAlert still shows the state as "needed", with a check-mark next to it. Hmm, so I uncheck the needed-state box of that state in JTAlert, Save, and click OK. I download the data (along with some new QSOs) again the following day, perform the same series of actions, and JTALert has again marked that state as needed, after a DB rebuild. 

Could it be something in my ACLog DB? Although I haven't looked there, I have had the software download all CONFIRMED QSOs from LoTW on a number of occasions in the past month, so ACLog and LoTW should be sync'ed properly.

Does anyone have an explanation for this? Thanks.

Patrick - W6AJR

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