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Tom Job

Just a thought….uninstall the rc-3 and go back to rc-2. There’s obviously some kind of bad interaction between it and JTAlert.  I would also send the same email to the WSJT-X group.  With beta software there are always bound to be problems.  The developer(s) would surely like your report.






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Good afternoon,

I have a bit of a mystery that I have not been able to solve.

This may not be the proper place for this query, but since it is JTAlert that I can no longer make run, I thought that I would start here.

I have used WSJT-X, JTAlert and DX Keeper for a number of years now without any issues at all.

Now, however, I have a situation that I have NOT, using all of the search features of the forum, been able to discover a cure for.

I had been using WSJTX-2.3.0-rc2 along with JTAlert 2.16.17 and things were operating very well.

I updated WSJT-X to version 2.3.0-rc3 and everything stopped working at that point.

By that I mean that I did as normal, and started JTAlert which, though the auto-start feature starts WSJT-X and DX Keeper, as it always has, but this time JTAlert appeared on the screen, and after about 3 seconds, JTAlert vanished off the screen.

I still had the WSJT-X window and waterfall and the JTAlert Decodes window which had opened on my desktop, but without any functionality of JTAlert.

I can shutdown WSJT-X and DX Keeper and the JTAlert Decodes window and try the start process again and again, always failing in the same manner.

Also the computer has been rebooted probably a dozen times during my attempts to get this fixed, including several shutdown, remove power from the computer, hold the power button to drain the capacitors, in other words, everything that I could think to do to remove residual bad information before the next attempt.

I checked Task Manager, and no listing for JTAlert. Only JTAlertV2Manager.exe was listed, and it was in the Background Processes area.

When JTAlert tries to start, the title line of JTAlert shows as follows

Then, for just a split second before it vanishes I get the following title bar:

If I am quick enough on the mouse, and can click on the Settings drop down menu, I can get the Manage Settings dialog to open. At this point the JTAlert window will be locked to my desktop until I close the Settings Window.

If I go, in the Settings Window to the Program Updates, it will say "Error downloading data"  for each of the 3 programs.

After closing the Settings Window, JTAlert vanishes.

I have a much longer description that I could have sent, but figured that I would start with something smaller to see if I could get a solution with less bandwidth.

As a point of information, my radio is on before I start WSJT-X, JTAlert and DX Keeper.

I have a Core i7 computer running at 3.2 GHz with 16 GB of RAM, and a solid state 100 GB drive with 12.5 GB of free space and my operating system is Windows 10 Pro, so I don't believe that it is for lack of horsepower that this is happening.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me.

73 de WA3ZSC - Jerry

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