locked Re: "Updates" shown in spite of being up to date

Björn SM7IUN

Thanks Laurie,

I actually did exactly that since my first reaction to seeing the "Updates" text 
was to install the latest database.

The strange thing was that the "Updates" text disappeared a few seconds after 
starting up and then reappeared perhaps half a minute later.

Regardless, a complete deinstall/reinstall cycle seems to have fixed it now. 


Den fre 1 jan. 2021 kl 05:38 skrev Laurie, VK3AMA <hamapps.support@...>:

On 29/12/2020 4:44 pm, Björn SM7IUN wrote:
> It seems the text (Updates) in the banner of JTAlert shows in spite of
> my installation being up to date.
> When I start it shows and (Updates) in the banner but it
> then changes to 2.16.17 without the (Updates) tag after a few seconds.
> Then, after a minute or so, the (Updates) tag appears again.
> I have re-installed both JTAlert 2.16.17, the voice files as well as
> the 2020-12-24 database without any effect.
> Björn SM7IUN

You will need to install the latest Callsigns database AFTER installing
JTAlert. JTAlert 2.16.17 comes bundled with the 2020-12-06 version of
the database which is now superseded by the most recent 2020-12-24
database. The JTAlert install will reset the installed database version
to 2020-12-06 and cause the "Updates" message. Just rerun the database
install which will set it to 2020-12-24 and the "Updates" message will
not appear.

BTW, stop JTAlert before trying to install a newer database.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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