locked Re: How to start JTAlert from bat file?

Larry Banks

Hi Jose,
Check the spelling of STAR in the last line.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ


Sent: Saturday, January 02, 2021 7:23
Subject: [HamApps] How to start JTAlert from bat file?
Hello, this is Pepe EA4ZQ, KC0CLF.

Before working FT8 mode, I need start Logging software, Time sync soft, JTDX soft and JTAlert soft.
Well, this is a huge work for an old mind... hi, hi..

I use a bat file to start all programs in a single click, but I can't start JTAlert because their modificator "/jtdx"
C:\Radio\JTAlert\JTAlertexe /jtdx is the shortcut in desktop that works fine, but no within bat file...
Have anyone a better idea than mine?

START "Neutron" "C:\Radio\Neutron\Neutron.exe"      (Time Syncro)
START "JTDX" "C:\Radio\JTDX\155\bin\jtdx.exe"   
START "Logger32" "C:\Radio\Logger32\Logger32.exe" WSJT-X   (Logger32 with special FT8 configuration) ( I used WSJT-X at file creation)
STAR "JTALERT" "C:\Radio\JTAlert\JTAlert.exe /jtdx"   (Same shortcut that works from desktop)

Best 73 DX
Keep safe

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