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Dick Bingham

Hello Laurie

Excellent! I will format your suggestions and try it immediately.

Many thanks for an outstanding SW application AND service to the group.

73 and I hope the new year is a great one for you folks in the Southern

Dick/w7wkr at CN97uj

On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 8:15 PM Laurie, VK3AMA <hamapps.support@...> wrote:

On 1/01/2021 1:32 pm, Dick Bingham wrote:
Is it possible to have the contents of JTAlert's 2X8 cells (or MXN ) selectable w/r/t
"CALL - State" to switch between State or Grid-Square ?

If this is possible or could be made such, I could minimize the main WSJT-X window
and only have the JTAlerrt screen active. At present I have to closely watch the
Grid-Square info in the WSJT-X's FT8 display to pounce on wanted Grids.

73  Dick/w7wkr presently at CN97uj

Switching out a 2 character State with a 4 character grid would not be practical given the size restraints of the current Callsign display area. That would require the user to also decrease the number of horizontal display slots resulting in fewer callsigns being displayed.

A better solution is to use the Decodes window. You can adjust what columns you want displayed as well as re-ordering of the columns. You could end up with a simple Callsigns & Grid only display. The Decodes window will highlight the Grid if a Grid alert was generated and will respond to mouse clicks to setup WSJT-X the same as the main JTAlert window. eg.

If you want you could use the Decodes window exclusively for viewing the Alerted Callsigns and set the main JTAlert window to display zero lines of Callsigns.

BTW, the callsign display area can go to 4 lines, it is not limited to the 2 lines you're currently using.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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