locked Duplicate Logging in HRD and more...


With HRD supporting Google Earth Pro, the logging record must have the blank fields populated, specifically LAT / LON.  Under HRD --> Tools --> Configure --> QSO forwarding, there are two UDP Receive check boxes that enable the lookup and filling of this data.  To work with the WSJT-X / JTAlert combo the checkbox for receiving QSO UDP notifications via WSJT-X needs to be checked.  This action, along with requiring JTAlert to have HRD logging enabled generates a duplicate HRD logging entry, one of which (from JTAlert) is not populated completely as needed, the other from WSJT-X which contains all of the populated fields required.

The dilemma is turning off the UDP receive from WSJT-X leaves the JTAlert logging record, which is missing the data required.  Turning off JTAlert HRD logging disables the important tracking functionality wanted in JTAlert. 

So the issue is not limited to getting rid of a duplicate log entry, but to ensuring that the record that is logged includes the populated field data.  Otherwise, the logging record has to be edited separately with the lookup / update options.

Has anyone been able to get this to work?  Appreciate any guidance on this.  73, Craig

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