locked Re: New User of JTAlert v2.16.17 (and WSJT-X v2.2.2 and DXKeeper Logging)

Dick Bingham

Hello Laurie

I guess it is Merry Christmas time down there in VK-Land now. I hope it is a
merry one for you and your family.

Now regarding your ===>
While more memory is always good, CPU usage is the most critical. What is taskmanager telling you when WSJT-X is busy 
processing decodes at the end of a period? What CPU usage is it indicating? If your hitting 80% or greater than that is a problem,
it will cause WSJT-X (and everything else on your PC) to be slowed.

The Underline indicates that that Callsign has the Text Messages function of JTAlert enabled and is set to receive messages.

de Laurie VK3AMA 
 I observed my CPU usage for 5-minutes or so and observed a max-usage of the CPU to be close to
65-percent during decode processing. Most of the time CPU usage runs in the mid-40's.

Again, I'm seeing up to 65-seconds for the WSJT-X logging pop-up window to finish once I click
on the "OK" after my "73" transmission finishes. During the 65-second period the main WSJT-X
screen is frozen (according to the 'clock' feature on the main WSJT-X window) and then jumps
to the correct time once the logging window collapses.

I will shut-down the computer and restart everything and observe what happens during the logging

OK on the under-lining - doubt I will use it.

73  Dick/w7wkr at CN97uj


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