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On 24/12/2020 8:54 am, N2TK, Tony via groups.io wrote:
Just installed the update to 2.16.17. Seems to be working fine.
But what about the different colored shortcuts? Did I miss somewhere what they mean?
Musical not and also "X" in blue, red, purple. Used to have a green but no longer since I upgraded. Using the blue musical note right now
Tnx and Merry Christmas
N2TK, Tony

How old was the JTAlert version you upgraded from?

From the release notes...
2.16.5 (08-May-2020)

  *** Important: JTAlert build type changes
  *** The Original JTAlert (menus in titlebar) is no longer available.
  *** The Alt Layout JTAlert (menus placed below the titlebar) is now simply
  *** called JTAlert and is the only build type now produced.
  *** The executable file name has changed from JTAlert_AL.exe to JTAlert.exe
  *** The old Alt Layout build icon colors for JTAlert and shortcuts (green
  *** and purple) are no longer used. The icon colors used are ...
  ***   Red icon  -> JTAlert for WSJT-X
  ***   Blue icon -> JTAlert for JTDX

de Laurie VK3AMA

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