locked New User of JTAlert v2.16.17 (and WSJT-X v2.2.2 and DXKeeper Logging)

Dick Bingham

Greetings All

DELL E6510 Laptop using WIN-7 SW
DXKeeper v15.7.2
WSJT-X v2.2.2
JTAlert v2.16.17

I have installed JTAlert and selected things like Wanted Grids and others
and Rebuild Alert Database.

Seems it is not working as I expected because OLD STUFF in the DXKeeper
database shows up in the JTAlert screen as stuff to be worked again!

What am I missing or not setting up correctly ?  Help appreciated!

GREAT SW App so far but its beauty has yet to be revealed to me.

I would like it to only display NEW contacts to work instead of things already
worked before installing JTAlert software

73  Dick/w7wkr at CN97uj

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