locked Re: Win 7 to 10

Joseph Hurd


I tried copying the folder itself from my Win 7 PC, located at:

C:\users\user name\appdata\local\hamapps

to the folder on the Win 10 PC found by using the path you advised:


Opened JTAlert, closed it, restarted PC and opened JTAlert; still no data, all settings as the new install defaults to. I recalled that in the past I had a similar issue with other software trying to move a user's profile to a new PC [Mozilla Thunderbird]. After much frustration and failure copying the entire folder, I went to the folder on the old PC, then opened the folder and copied all of the individual folders and content [versus just right clicking and copying the folder itself], went to the new PC, opened up the destination folder and pasted the individual folders and content into the opened folder. Closed program, restarted PC and the problem was solved.

I tried this same approach here without success. I have tried deleting and reinstalling JTAlert
v2.16.17 and the files several times, as well as several re-starts in between. Can you advise what I am doing wrong or otherwise take me by the hand and walk me thru this? Thank you and others all for any guidance.

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