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On 13/12/2020 5:32 am, Stuart, K2YYY wrote:
Before I reinstall JTAlert like N4QM did, are there any settings files I can save and restore, so I don't have to reset all of my settings?

If not, I'll have to take screenshots of every settings page.

Thanks, K2YYY
It depends on why you are wanting to reinstall. If it is to resolve a crashing issue as in the N4QM case for which the root cause of the crash is unknown, than saving the config file is not advised as it may be the cause.

Setup of JTAlert is not that onerous, provided you have logging enabled and use the "Rebuild Alert Database" option, but if you're manually setting your needed countries, States, etc by band and mode than you will have a task ahead of you. The "Rebuild" is the way to go, a one-click solution for setting all your Alert needs. Most other settings you can operate with the defaults and then adjust when needed rather than trying to go through every setting section and getting them exactly as you currently have.

ALL settings are stored in the "config.sqlite" file. That is the only file you need to save/restore. See the JTAlert Help file, "Frequently Asked Questions -> Move JTAlert to a New PC" topic, it will tell you where to find your JTAlert files.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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