locked Re: Mouse is not working in JTAlert V2.16.17

D. Scott MacKenzie

Is it working in other applications, or just in JTAlert?  I have had that happen when I get RFI into the mouse.  I wrapped a ferrite core around USB cable and the problem never occurred again.


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Subject: [HamApps] Mouse is not working in JTAlert V2.16.17




My mouse is not working anymore in JTAlert 

Can you give me advice how I solve this problem.

In futher releases I clicked on a station in JTAlert and I hat the station in JTDX.

If I now click there is notting happend.


Windows 10 Pro (up-to-date)

JTDX V2.2.RC153

JTAlert v2.16.17


Thanks in advance


Best 73


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