locked Colors not working after reinstall.


After having many Windows 10 problems, I decided to reinstall the OS or "Reset the PC" as Windows now describes it.  I have most of my software reinstalled (N3FJP's Amateur Contact Log V6.7, JTAlert V 2.16.16 and WSJT-X V2.2.2) and working but I can't get JTAlert to function as before the Windows reinstallation.  The colors remain just the same WSJT-X stock colors of Yellow for TX, Green for CQ and Red for MyCall.  The only one that I remember working previously was the B4 color of gray.  I don't recall making too many changes to the JTAlert software on the first install, so I was surprised that it just didn't work as before when I reinstalled it.

Any specific ideas or links to written instructions, outside of the ones that part of Amateur Contact Log, JTAlert and WSJT-X, which I've already tried.

Thanks much,


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