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On 3/12/2020 8:46 am, John Becker wrote:
I don't always update software immediately to the latest release, so this may be a problem of my own making, but FWIW here's what I experienced recently.

I was running JTAlert v2.16.10 with whatever version of the Callsign Database was current with that release. I realized that the older Callsign Database was the reason all users were showing a last LoTW update in July. I installed the Callsign Database v2020.11.18 and that took care of the LoTW problem. But it introduced a NEW problem. When right-clicking on an alert to send a message to the operator, I was no longer getting an ONLINE or OFFLINE indication in the message window. I updated JTAlert to v2.16.16 and now all is well again.

I was not aware that updating the Callsign Database by itself could be a problem, but it was in this case.

Thanks for a great program!


John, K9MM


Sorry to "burst your bubble". Updating the Callsign database is not the fix. All that installer does is install 2 sqlite database files. That will not affect Text Messaging. Likely the Text Message service was either having issues at the time or one of its listening ports (there are 4) was temporarily down.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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