locked Re: JTalert Time Setting ?

Michael Black

Hmmm...it's 12-03 and the 03 could be interpreted as March which means tomorrow it would say April and yesterday would have been February.

Did you change your data/time settings?

Go to Date & TIme Settings
Scroll down to Related Settings and pick Date, time & regional formatting

See if it's different than this

Inline image

Mike W9MDB

On Thursday, December 3, 2020, 10:25:38 AM CST, Bill <k2wh@...> wrote:

I just noticed, that the contact complete notification popup time/Date of JTalert is completely wrong.

Going through all the menu's and settings, I found no way to set the displayed time and date correctly.

My JTalert somehow is set to March.

How is this corrected ?


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