locked Re: States-Wanted Boxes Auto-Untick?

Jim N6VH

On 11/29/2020 7:26 PM, Patrick Hung wrote:
I'm still having issues with confirmed Wanted States removed from my alert list.

I have the Rebuild Database -> LOTW box selected, but continue to see states that I've worked, and LoTW showing no longer needed (confirmed?), highlighted in yellow in the Decode Window. 

For example, LoTW shows that I need six states for FT8; JTAlert still has tens of states checked as needed. 

I'm currently using Log4OM2 (set up in JTALERT settings), which is working well with the radio, as well as WSJT-X and JTALERT. When I close Log4OM2, new QSOs are successfully uploaded to LoTW automatically (I suppose that it downloads new confirmations from LoTW at the same time). Is JTALERT supposed to use these newly-downloaded confirmations on Log4OM2 to turn off the appropriate state alerts?

Lastly, I ran Rebuild Database to see if that was the missing piece - it had the opposite effect, the number of needed states increased. It looks like I'll have to manually uncheck the needed states, by band and mode... need some help, please!
Patrick - W2TAR


Log4OM2 does not automatically download from LOTW. You have to do that in QSL Manager. If you have not done a manual download, then those QSOs will still show as not confirmed. Do a manual download, and then do a Rebuild Database. That should work for you.


Jim N6VH

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