locked Re: [HamApps Beta] Decodes not getting UDP

Jim Cooper

On 27 Nov 2020 at 14:14, Michael Black via groups.io wrote:

JTAlertV2.Decodes.exe doesn't have a
port showing in the About here
either...but it's working fine. Try
using as the multicast
address. Mike W9MDB
Well, I was using but just changed
it to and restarted JTalert ...
nil ... nothing displaying in Decodes window still.

Has to be an anti-virus problem, but I can't
find which one ...

LATER: I just fully UNinstalled ZoneAlarm from
that PC and the Decodes window runs just fine.
And the About chart now shows a port assignment
on the Decodes line, like it should.

I had tried disabling ZA but it left several modules
still running that would not allow cancelling; so removal
was the only sure way to test if it was the cause.

So, for others that might have the same problem,
put that in your notebook !!

(ZA is supposed to ASK about any new module that
wants to run, but it was not doing that for the Decode


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