locked Re: Jtalerts support for JS8?

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

Short Answer:
  • Most likely never.
Long Answer:
  • Despite JS8/JS8Call being advertised as a conversation mode, the reality is that it tends to be used primarily as a beacon mode.

  • A frequent complaint of new JS8 users is the lack of QSOs, often complaining of many hours sending CQ's without a response. They check PSKReporter or HamSpots and see that many stations are receiving their signal. They send out heartbeats (is that the correct term?) and receive ACKs from many stations, but are still unable to raise a QSO.

  • Clearly there are many unattended JS8 stations that are auto-responding to heartbeats but with no-operator in attendance to actually engage in a QSO.

  • A frequent response from the JS8 community to complaints of a lack of QSOs is that the user should try a specific band at specific times to try and increase the chances of getting a Station with an operator in attendance to respond. Or to arrange a sked ahead of time.

JTAlert is designed to alert to decoded stations based on the users needs/wants.
Alerting on Beaconing stations (sending ACKs) is worthless, IMO, and is not suitable for JTAlert.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

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