locked Re: LOTW data is often wrong

Torsten - DL9GTB

Sorry that I have not commented on this topic. I was on a business trip and unfortunately had little time. I have now taken a close look at it. The mistake is on my side, JTAlert is doing everything right. I trusted the data from QRZ.com. For example there is no LOTW with the callsigns EB3DIM or M0LMK. But these callsigns are entered in the LOW user list. I'm sorry for the confusion. But I also noticed differences to the data from Gridtracker in the past. Now I've found out why that is the case. I have set the LOTW upload filter to 1 year in the JTAlert settings, but not in Gridtracker. Sorry again for the false alarm, I guess I'm too old for this hobby. :-(

73 de Torsten - DL9GTB

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