locked Request for better options for vertical based display

Jason Garneau

I'd really like the option to make JTAlert more usable in a vertical layout.  WSJT-X and JTDX both take up a lot of vertical real estate, especially with as many decodes most of us are now that FT8 is so popular.  I feel it would be a huge benefit to move away from the horizontal-based layout of JTAlert so that thos of us running full 1920x1080 screens could put the app over on the side of the screen, allowing us to expand the decode screen more, and also giving a ton more real estate to JTAlert.  I would envision something like one to two columns by X number of rows, which I also think would be a lot easier to scan over with my eyes, instead of the multiple columns.  I'd love for it to fill up the red box drawn in here:

The current view options do not seem to allow for a configuration like this.

Anyway, just a thought.  Thank you for developing such useful software!

Jason / K1LOL

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