locked Reporting -> UDP Server

Jon Gefaell

*** Sorry, posted to the wrong group! ***
I'm trying to figure out exactly what specific behavior is provoked by these options, and why someone might use them. I did a search here and found no matches.

They seem 'obvious' on one hand., but the devil is always in the details. The documentation doesn't mention these options, unfortunately.

I had thought that "Notify on accepted UDP request" causes a dialogue to pop up that indicates a UDP request was accepted. Empirical testing seems to show this is not true. So, I assume the notification is happening between the software endpoints? What does this do, why would I want to use it, and why not? 
As for 'Accepted UDP request restores window' I have to imagine what window? And why would the window be minimized? I presume 'restores window' means that the window has been minimized? Why? What does this behavior offer a user? Or is this not an on-screen window, but perhaps some internal data element? 

At this point, I cannot detect any behavioral change with either on, or off. I'd sleep better knowing. Thanks! 

Thanks again!

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