locked Greyed menus

Paul F6EXV

Hi all
Thanks to various people (VK3AMA, MM0HVU, W9MDB) I have managed to configure 2 sessions of Log4OM + JTDX + JTalert to work simultaneously.
These two sessions are for different callsigns, on one single rig (Flex 6500).
So I can have both open at the same time, and go from one callsign to the other in no time at all, which is what I wanted to obtain.

The only thing that still does not work properly is that, on the second JTAlert that I launch, most of the setting menus are greyed out.
It is always the second one launched that has this problem.
I have created the shortcuts in accordance with the manual.

Any idea if this can be solved ?
Thanks + 73
Paul F6EXV

Log4OM version, JTDX version 2.2.0-rc152, JTAlert version 2.16.15

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