locked Re: Erroneous error message !

Paul F6EXV

Hi Mike
Thank you for replying so quickly.
You are faster than your shadow !

Actually, the E is where I backup the log, so now I realize both really must the same path.
Once that corrected, of course everything works fine !
MANY thanks ! keep up the good work
73 and stay safe
Paul F6EXV

Le 17/11/2020 à 20:07, Michael Black via groups.io a écrit :
Those are two completely different paths.



Change one of them to whichever file is best...which I expect is the one on the C: drive as that's the one Log4OM is using.

Mike W9MDB

On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 01:04:06 PM CST, Paul F6EXV <f6exv@...> wrote:

Here they are

Le 17/11/2020 à 16:08, Michael Black via groups.io a écrit :
Send a screen shot of your JTAlert Log4OM settings and the lower right corner of Log4OM.


On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 08:39:38 AM CST, Paul F6EXV <f6exv@...> wrote:

Hi Mike
Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I do want Log4OM to log my JTDX QSOs, and it does. But even thouygh the QSO is logged, I get an error message saying it was not...
You mean JTAlert pointing to the right file... Actually, it does, the test is passed without any issue.
I did turn off the Last QSO API, no change = I still get the wrong error message. So the last QSO API is not the source of the problem...
Paul F6EXV

Le 17/11/2020 à 14:09, Michael Black via groups.io a écrit :
I take it you just want Log4OM logging, right?

Turn off the "Last QSO API".  You don't need it.

It sounds like you don't have the Log4OM SQLite Log pointing to the correct file.  Should be the same path you see in the lower right corner of Log4OM.
Mike W9MDB

On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 02:41:09 AM CST, Paul F6EXV <f6exv@...> wrote:

Hi all
No reply to this... Anyone with any idea ?
Paul F6EXV

Le 15/11/2020 à 23:13, Paul F6EXV a écrit :
> Hi all
> Strange behaviour...
> Using Log4OM latest version, JTDX v2.2.0-rc152 and JTAlert 2.16.15 on
> Windows 10.
> I am getting the attached error message when logging a QSO onto Log4OM.
> But the QSO is indeed logged...
> I have :
> Enable transmission of last QSO ticked, on port 2333 in the "Last QSO
> API" setup
> Enable Standard ADIF file logging unticked in the Standard ADIF file
> setup
> Enable Log4OM V2 logging tocked, UDP connections on IP on
> ADIF message port #2236
> When I ask JTAlert to show Log Fields, the screen expands, but remains
> grey.
> The headline says "JTAlert 2.16.15 F6EXV {80m,FT8,LogV2,#1}
> If I untick "Enable Log4OM Logging", then I do not have access to
> "View log fields", and the expanded grey screen disappears, and the
> header will now show "NO LOG".
>  And the QSO IS logged onto Log4OM, without any success message....
> 1/ How can I get access to the log fields below the display lines ?
> 2/ The "NO LOG" indication makes reference to which log ?
> 3/ How do I get a logging success message ?
> Thanks + 73
> Paul F6EXV

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