locked Re: Callsigns get cleared before I can see them

Jim Cooper

On 16 Nov 2020 at 14:13, John Peck wrote:

I am running current versions of
WSJT and JTAlert. My issue is that
JTAlert clears the callsigns before
I can click on them or even read them!
To make it more frustrating, the
nice lady announces that there is a
station there that I am looking for,
but then I can't access it!

Am I missing a setting somewhere?
use the "Decodes" window ... it keeps
a history of all the decoded stations.

JTalert can't display the calls until WSJT-X
has completed the decode process and passed
the calls to JTalert via UDP ... if your cpu is
loaded or 'slow' then it will eat up the time
for display before the next cycle.

fwiw, I had similar problems with a cheap
$100 win10 desktop that I was using ... it seemed
to do everything ok EXCEPT the cpu would get
maxed at times and the decodes would be slow;
not to mention that I could watch the waterfall
and see the decode 'pause' at times when the
cpu didn't quite keep up with the incoming audio .....

Moved my FT8 stuff to a much 'better' PC and
now there are no dropouts and no decode or
display delays ... it DOES make a difference.

Jim w2jc

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