locked Re: unsuccessful contacts with 7q7ru


I find getting a new one for the log, even rare ones, like shooting fish in a barrel. Here is how I do it.
First, I use JTDX and would advise using it, but not just for its better coding ability.
Second, one HAS to work split all the time, I do. Joe, there is no need for calling to a freq.
Finally, there is no such thing as 'tail gating' in any JT mode or any similarly timed mode. I only mention this as this way of working DX was mentioned by somebody held in high regard in the JT community and indeed by me. How can there be such a thing when everybody TXs at exactly the same time? It is logistically impossible.
Working split is the key as I think the majority calls the DX stn on their TX freq making it difficult for the DX to tell who is calling. I park my TX freq in a silent part of the band. I stop TXing now and then to check if the freq I am using is still silent. I just keep my call going and get a hit before my 6min WD stops the TX. JTDX has a feature where the RMB click will place the TX freq on the graph and a LMB click will place the RX freq. The latter is not needed much but the RMB functionality is indispensable.
This is particularly useful for UK stations working FT8 as we only have the first 10MHz of the FT8 band.
73 de Guy G4DWV 4X1LT

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