locked Re: unsuccessful contacts with 7q7ru

Joe - W9RF


I finally worked him just now on 10.131 but I was NOT in f/h mode, although he is in f/h mode, unless he switched on the fly, go figure??

Called him at 1500 and he did not call me to his freq but we exchanged reports and got a RR73 from him..


W9RF - Joe

On Sunday, November 15, 2020, 6:52:45 PM CST, Roger M via groups.io <ac6bw@...> wrote:

OK, fair enough. Yes, it does seem strange.
All I can suggest is keep trying. Are you using WSJT-X, or JTDX? I recently switched over to JTDX, because it has better decode sensitivity, as well as some other features that I like. If you have both programs installed, perhaps you can try one or the other in F/H mode, and see if that makes a difference.
Also, it's possible that something is not configured correctly on the Fox end, but I wouldn't know exactly what. There are a lot of settings that the Fox can enable.

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