locked Erroneous error message !

Paul F6EXV

Hi all
Strange behaviour...
Using Log4OM latest version, JTDX v2.2.0-rc152 and JTAlert 2.16.15 on Windows 10.
I am getting the attached error message when logging a QSO onto Log4OM.
But the QSO is indeed logged...

I have :
Enable transmission of last QSO ticked, on port 2333 in the "Last QSO API" setup
Enable Standard ADIF file logging unticked in the Standard ADIF file setup
Enable Log4OM V2 logging tocked, UDP connections on IP on ADIF message port #2236
When I ask JTAlert to show Log Fields, the screen expands, but remains grey.
The headline says "JTAlert 2.16.15 F6EXV {80m,FT8,LogV2,#1}

If I untick "Enable Log4OM Logging", then I do not have access to "View log fields", and the expanded grey screen disappears, and the header will now show "NO LOG".
 And the QSO IS logged onto Log4OM, without any success message....

1/ How can I get access to the log fields below the display lines ?
2/ The "NO LOG" indication makes reference to which log ?
3/ How do I get a logging success message ?

Thanks + 73
Paul F6EXV

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