locked Re: unsuccessful contacts with 7q7ru

Björn SM7IUN

Likely since LIDS are repeatedly calling him below 1000Hz. 
The Fox will not respond to them, they just QRM. 

Björn SM7IUN

Den sön 15 nov. 2020 kl 22:05 skrev ray cathode via groups.io <ray_cathode1=yahoo.com@groups.io>:

Good afternoon group.

Since yesterday evening 7q7ru has heard my call and called me down to his frequency (Fox/Hound) 9 times with out a successfully confirmation.

After a few back and forth with the signal report (which has been very good reports) they throw me up to a higher frequency and leave me there and go on calling other calls or calling CQ.

Are they running a different software that is not compatible with JTAlert/WSJT-X?
or is it possible a setting has been changed with my software?

I tested my software by making other contacts (not Fox/Hound) so unless the problem id something with Fox/Hound my software is working..

Thanks for any help..


W9RF - Joe

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