locked WSJT-X rc2

Thomas Mills

Just loaded wsjtx rc2 and got a message that the network port was not working.  found this on the wsjtx release notes, so I guess want work anymore?

 Due to  some users using  inappropriate multicast IP  addresses for
   their interoperating  servers the default behaviour now is  to only
   send multicast  UDP datagrams  to the loop-back  network interface.
   Users who  require WSJT-X UDP  Message Protocol datagrams  to reach
   other  hosts will  now  have  to configure  WSJT-X  to  send on  an
   appropriate  network interface,  and  use  an appropriately  scoped
   multicast group address for their  server applications.  If you are
   not sure then (or ff02::1 if IPv6 is  desired) is a safe
Thanks Tom WB4JWM

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