locked Re: JTAlerts 2.16.15 crashes

André C

Mike, I had a similar problem too,  I shut down JTaert to see and the problem disappears.  I then figure out it was coming from JTalert.  So I went to the config directory of JTAlert      C:\Users\(Your Callsign)\AppData\Local\HamApps\(Your Callsign)\config\JTAlertX      and in this directory you'll find config.sqlite and a bunch of other files ending with .sqlite.   They are all backup of the config.sqlite files.   Just pick one of them ( not the last )  at a previous date, before you have made the switch to version 2.16.15, and rename that file config.sqlite and delete the old config.sqlite.   This solve my problem, and hopefully solves problems of others hams too.   Let me know if this works for you.  Oh, and by the way, I rolled back to version 2.16.14 before I did this.  So now i'm at version 2.16.14 and hope for the next version coming soon.

73 André VE2WNF

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