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Larry Banks

I Patrick,
I think you need a real logging program.  I recommend ACLog by N3FJP.  It does cost a nominal amount, but it has great support, is easy to use, and doe everything you might ever need.  http://www.n3fjp.com/index.html

I’m just a happy user.
73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ


Sent: Friday, November 13, 2020 0:20
Subject: [HamApps] Proper Initial Log Setup
I started using JT-Alert a few months ago, and unfortunately didn't try to find a tutorial or learn more about it before making the plunge. Having finally had some time to read up on its intricacies, I believe that there is something amiss with my logging, and here are the tell-tales:

  • When I tried to rebuild the database, it alerted that a log was not enabled. I didn't know what to do, so found a way to point it straight to my wsjtx.log adif file. 
  • As I tinkered with the settings, and for a short while, a small popup would appear notifying me of a successful QSO being logged - this stopped appearing after I pointed to the wsjt-x adif file.
  • My Wanted States don't seem to work - states I've worked keep popping up in an orange background/black font color combo in the JT-Alert main window (when new callsign, I think). I have the following turned on for alerts: DXCC, Continent, CQ Zone, States; I'm trying to work all states.

Searching for an adif file in the JT-Alert folder, I found one, at only 1 kb. There is a b4 log, at a few hundred kb's.

I wonder if I have to reinstall, and perhaps lose my existing logs on JT-Alert (do I even have one?).

I've been uploading my WSJT-X adif file to LOTW weekly, manually. A YouTube video shows HRD as being able to do this automatically, as JT-Alert logs each QSO... Is HRD a better way to get QSOs onto LOTW, for my WAS goal?

Thanks in advance for helping a JT-Alert noobie.


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