locked JT Alert start up sequence


Hi All

I use a Flex 6600 with 2 slices. I open Slice master that opens 2 copies of WSJT-x and then I open manually 2 instances of JT Alert which is integrated with DXKeeper. Slice master remembers the last 2 bands that I was on in the copies of WSJT-x.
Sometimes when I open the first copy of JT Alert it points to the second copy of WSJT-x and sometimes it point to the first copy of WSJT-x.  This causing me confusion as to which band I am looking at in JT Alert.  To fix this sometimes i have to close all software and start over but not always.

I always close out JT Alert copy #2 first then copy #1 then close Slices master (closing all of the WSJT-x copies) and then close the Flex hoping to keep config files the same but this does not aleays work either.

I am using JT Alert version 2.16.14 but this has been happening off and on for several previous versions.

I was wondering if any one has a clue as to how to insure that the 2 instances of JT Alert always point to the correct copy of WSJT-x

Thanks in advance
Ian, VE3JI  

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