locked Re: JTalert with WSJT and ACLog

David De Coons


In WSJT-X  radio setup do you have the mode set to DATA/PKT?


I am using WSJT-X 2.2.2, JTAlert 2.16.15, and AC Log 6.7. The radio is a Flex 6700.


In AC Log under Settings/Rig Interface use Mode Determined by Rig. The radio should be set to USB data mode. What is your radio?





Dave wo2x


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Subject: [HamApps] JTalert with WSJT and ACLog


I have ACLog set up and installed JTAlert for WSJTx. The contacts appear in ACLog, the only issue is that the mode gets sent as SSB not JT8 and the signal reports get set as 59 not the WSJTx signal reports (DBm).


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