locked Re: JTAlerts 2.16.15 crashes

Mike N8FRI

Yesterday, I had this same warning suddenly show up and shut down JTAlert.  I rebooted the computer, restarted JTAlert and the problem continued.  It would pop up about 1 minute into program start.  Vers .15 has performed flawlessly until yesterday.  The only variable in operation was that I had turned off DXSummit submission. I turned it 
back on but that did not fix the problem.
Finally, I renamed the JTAlert "user" directory to JTAlert-old and reloaded the .15 version.  Of course I had to go in and reconfigure all of the settings but after about 15 minutes (helped by the fact that I use PrntScr to make record of all of the critical settings) I was back up and running.  I ran the program for about an hour with no glitches.  
I am not sure if turning off DXSummit submission may have corrupted the user files or not?
I will not mess with that setting again as I am quite happy to be back up on FT8.
As Mike said, hopefully corrected in a future version.
Mike, N8FRI

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