locked Re: Alert For "73" In Standard Message

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 9/11/2020 1:47 pm, Patrick Hung wrote:
Within the last few days, I noticed that all decodes with "73" in the text were being highlighted in green, with white fonts; this was extremely useful to me, as tailing a 73 works well for me in completing QSOs. Unfortunately, this stopped working after I quit out of the program for a short break. Can someone tell me how I can turn it back on?

By the way, I'm assuming that this is a JTAlert, and not a WSJT-X feature.

Thanks for any help.


Two places to look, but neither should change without user-intervention.
  1. JTAlert Settings window, "Applications -> WSJT-X/JTDX" section.

  2. WSJT-X Settings. Reporting Tab make sure "Accept UDP requests" is ticked.

If both these settings are correct, then try a Windows restart.

FYI, Decode coloring only works with WSJT-X. JTDX does not support coloring of decodes by 3rd party applications like JTAlert. The JTDX people chose to remove that functionality from the original WSJT-X code.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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