locked Re: Odd happenings

Dave Garber

i thought lookups were done via a qrz key, within jtalert

Dave Garber

On Wed, Nov 4, 2020 at 10:37 AM Phil Cooper via groups.io <pcooper=suremail.gg@groups.io> wrote:
Hi Laurie and the group,

Since updating to the latest version of JTAlert (2.16.15) I've noticed one small oddity in the behavior of JTA when working a previously worked call.
It used to bring up the name, QTH and grid of a call worked on other bands, but with this latest version, if that call was worked on - say RTTY - since the previous FT8 contact, it does not automatically fill in the name and QTH, but sometimes does bring up the grid, if it was matched on LoTW.

For example, I had worked Chad WE9V on many bands in FT8 previously (80/40/30/20/17, but not 15m) and when I saw him on 15m today, I gave him a call, but since I worked him on RTTY the last time, it failed to bring up his name and QTH, even though we had previously worked on FT8.

I don't see any mention of this in the release notes, so maybe it is a bug, or is it me?

I'm running the latest version of DXKeeper, and logging is working fine, as is the lookup of previous contacts.

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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