locked Odd happenings

Phil Cooper

Hi Laurie and the group,

Since updating to the latest version of JTAlert (2.16.15) I've noticed one small oddity in the behavior of JTA when working a previously worked call.
It used to bring up the name, QTH and grid of a call worked on other bands, but with this latest version, if that call was worked on - say RTTY - since the previous FT8 contact, it does not automatically fill in the name and QTH, but sometimes does bring up the grid, if it was matched on LoTW.

For example, I had worked Chad WE9V on many bands in FT8 previously (80/40/30/20/17, but not 15m) and when I saw him on 15m today, I gave him a call, but since I worked him on RTTY the last time, it failed to bring up his name and QTH, even though we had previously worked on FT8.

I don't see any mention of this in the release notes, so maybe it is a bug, or is it me?

I'm running the latest version of DXKeeper, and logging is working fine, as is the lookup of previous contacts.

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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