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Anthony W. DePrato

like i said each to his own.Larry. i have worked DX for 60 yrs and really never needed a gird to tell me where Poland or Turkoman was.
was located in EU or Asia.or in case of a /MM Their Reigon told me where they were in the world.
73 Tony wa4jqs

At 10:49 AM 11/3/2020, you wrote:
States don’t work in many countries outside of the USA, and grids give a much better indication of location world-wide.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ

From: Anthony W. DePrato
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I would think it is because some enter the entire Grid Sq locator which is 6 numbers. others just enter 4.
really does not matter if it is 4 or 6. IMHO Grids are for use on VHF freqs not HT . i think WSJT-X used on HF should list state instead of Grids.
but to each his own.
73 Tony WA4JQS

At 11:00 PM 11/2/2020, you wrote:
I don't know where JTalert gets the 6-digit
grid locators that occaisionally show in the
Decodes window, but apparently when one
rebuilds the Alert database they don't register
with the first four characters ... 

Example below ... these two stations are B4
but when I ran the rebuild alert db they did
not clear but remain as wanted grids.



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